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Estes Catalog

DHC is proud to offer the Estes product line. Check out our complete listing of Estes Catalog products. From kits to starter sets and construction items. We have it all at discount prices.

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EST-001784 ___ C6-0/B6-6 Engines (24/Bulk Pk)
EST-001788 ___ 1/2A3-4T Engines (24/Bulk Pk)
EST-001789 ___ C6-5 Engines (24/Bulk Pk)
EST-001792 ___ Firestreak SST Model Rocket Kit (24/Bulk Pk)
EST-001793 ___ UP Aerospace Spaceloft Model Rocket Kit (12/Bulk Pk)
EST-001861 ___ RTF Air Power Blast Jets Model Rocket Launch Set (2) (No Engines)
EST-001864 ___ RTF Air Power x100 Talon Model Rocket Launch Plane Set (No Engines) (D)
EST-001894 ___ RTF Sky Hawker Model Rocket (No Engines)
EST-001895 ___ RTF Patriarch Model Rocket (No Engines)
EST-001903 ___ Maxie Alpha III Model Rocket Kit (Skill Level 3)
EST-001907 ___ RTF Hi Jinks Model Rocket Kit
EST-001921 ___ Mercury Red Stone Kit Level 3
EST-001948 ___ Big Bertha Model Rocket Kit
EST-001949 ___ Viking Model Rocket Kit
EST-001954 ___ Red Flare Kit E2X Easy
EST-001955 ___ Top Shot Kit E2X Easy
EST-001956 ___ Firebolt Kit E2X Easy
EST-001980 ___ Designers Special Kit Level 1
EST-002005 ___ Mix-N-Match 50
EST-002006 ___ Mix-N-Match 55
EST-002007 ___ Mix-N-Match 60
EST-002008 ___ Generic E2X Easy
EST-002056 ___ US Army Patriot M104 Missile Rocket Kit
EST-002092 ___ Mongoose Model Rocket Kit
EST-002123 ___ Eggscaliber Model Rocket Kit (Raw Egg Launching Fun)
EST-002132 ___ Banshee Rocket Kit E2X Easy
EST-002158 ___ Heat Seeker Rocket Kit E2X Easy
EST-002162 ___ Big Daddy Model Rocket Kit (Improved)
EST-002168 ___ Metalizer (Met. Chrome) Model Rocket Kit
EST-002169 ___ Dragonite Snap Together Model Rocket Kit
EST-002178 ___ Hi-Flier Model Rocket Kit
EST-002183 ___ Shuttle Xpress Model Rocket Kit
EST-002215 ___ Porta-Pad II Launch Pad (Mini thru D)
EST-002220 ___ Electron Beam Launcher
EST-002221 ___ Aston II Controller
EST-002225 ___ Aston II Launch Pad w/Controller
EST-002227___ Tube Marking Guide
EST-002228 ___ Ultimate Tube Marking Guide
EST-002230 ___ E Rocket Launch Controller
EST-002231 ___ Fin Alignment Guide
EST-002232 ___ Alti Trak Altitude Finder
EST-002238 ___ E Launch Porta-Pad
EST-002239 ___ Aston I Launch Pad
EST-002241 ___ Blast Deflector Plate
EST-002243 ___ 1/8" Two Piece Launch Rod
EST-002244 ___ 3/16" Two Piece Maxi Rod
EST-002246 ___ Altimeter
EST-002264 ___ 12" Plastic Parachute
EST-002267 ___ 18" Plastic Parachute
EST-002271 ___ 24" Plastic Parachute
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