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Estes Catalog

DHC is proud to offer the Estes product line. Check out our complete listing of Estes Catalog products. From kits to starter sets and construction items. We have it all at discount prices.

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EST-000651 ___ Der Red Max model rocket kit
EST-000803 ___ Bandito Model Rocket Kit
EST-000804 ___ Firehawk Model Rocket Kit
EST-000806 ___ Firestreak Snap Together Model Rocket Kit
EST-000810 ___ 220 Swift Model Rocket Kit
EST-001100 ___ PULSAR Pink Crayon Rocket RTF
EST-001101 ___ Green Alien Crayon Rocket RTF
EST-001102 ___ Rocket Red Crayon Rocket RTF
EST-001103 ___ Planet Purple Crayon Rocket RTF
EST-001104 ___ Outer Space Orange Crayon Rocket RTF
EST-001105 ___ Blast Off Blue Crayon Rocket RTF
EST-001106 ___ Yellow Star Crayon Rocket RTF
EST-001107 ___ Black Hole Crayon Rocket RTF
EST-001108 ___ Galaxy Gold Crayon Rocket RTF
EST-001109 ___ Meteorite White Crayon Rocket RTF
EST-001110 ___ Atomic Aqua Crayon Rocket RTF
EST-001111 ___ Satellite Silver Crayon Rocket RTF
EST-001225 ___ Alpha Model Rocket Kit
EST-001256 ___ Alpha III Model Rocket Kit
EST-001260 ___ Sky Writer Model Rocket Kit
EST-001261 ___ Baby Bertha Model Rocket Kit
EST-001263 ___ Sky Twister Kit E2X Easy
EST-001292 ___ Wizard Model Rocket Kit
EST-001330 ___ Freefall Kit E2X Easy
EST-001345 ___ Mini Mosquito Kit Level I
EST-001351___ Cosmic Interceptor Kit Level 4
EST-001381 ___ Yankee Model Rocket Kit
EST-001390 ___ Atomic Sky Launch Set E2X Easy
EST-001401 ___ Hunters Choice Launch Set E2X Easy
EST-001403 ___ Riptide Model Rocket Launch Set
EST-001424 ___ Silver Arrow Launch Set E2X Easy
EST-001425 ___ Manta II Launch Set E2X Easy
EST-001427 ___ Alpha III Model Rocket Launch Set E2X Easy
EST-001438 ___ Sky Twister RTF Launch Set
EST-001440 ___ Wild Flyer Launch Set E2X Easy
EST-001441 ___ Journey Launch Set E2X Easy
EST-001460 ___ Eliminator XL Launch Set RTF
EST-001465 ___ Hrlicat Launch Set E2X Easy
EST-001466 ___ Maxi Alpha III Launch Set Level 2
EST-001469 ___ Tandem-X Model Rocket Launch Set
EST-001475 ___ Solar Scouts Model Rockets Launch Set
EST-001478 ___ Flash Model Rocket Launch Set
EST-001491 ___ Tazor Model Rocket Launch Set (No Engines)
EST-001499 ___ RTF Rascal & Hi Jinks Model Launch Set
EST-001502 ___ 1/4A3-3T Model Rocket Engines (4)
EST-001503 ___ 1/2A3-2T Model Rocket Engines (4)
EST-001504 ___ 1/2A3-4T Model Rocket Engines (4)
EST-001505 ___ A-10 PT Blurzz Engine (4)
EST-001507 ___ A3-4T Model Rocket Engines (4)
EST-001510 ___ A-10 OT Mini Engine (4)
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